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slider1 - is the most unique project at the worldwide market of NFT investment. You can constantly earn daily profit from 1% to 2.5% (except- weekends) with us using multilevel income system that includes possibilities to combine investments and tokens.

To a star with INF token

Token emission:

1,000,000 INF

Opening price:

0.1 USD

Expected price:

100 USD

INF - is a rising star of project that shall bring unbelievable profit both to investors and traders! Demand for INF shall grow from day to day due to its application in Everyone can buy INF right now at PancakeSwap stock exchange!

Profit for real leaders!

Especially for the leaders we developed 6 levels of partner program of income up to 20.5%. Use all available methods to tell about our project and attract new investors - and get the best fees.

Our partners:

Advanced possibilities

NFT market today

NFT or non-fungible tokens, becoming very popular in the last six months, is an attractive tool and a new possibility for digital investors.

Technical nature of these currencies allows to use them effectively in copyright sphere. Pictures, songs and even newspaper columns are digitized and sold for hundreds of thousands USD dollars almost every day.

Most expensive NFT-lots ever:

$7.5 mln
$6.6 mln
$3.6 mln
Manage to invest into advanced NFT
Follow market place

Clearly these prices provide buoyant demand for on-fungible tokens. So we learnt to earn with them.

Reliable authenticity
Blockchain technology
User friendly platform
Guaranteed income rate

We follow new tendencies

How do we earn

It is difficult both for newcomers and experienced user to understand NFT diversity that appear at the market and buy the most advanced NFT of rising prices, but not counterfeit or stolen works appearing at the market as well.

NFT popularity attracted a lot of gyps to the market who use works of other people to create NFT and claim authorship. Even experienced users can buy a borrowed work.

We check NFT reliability very thoroughly and work directly with authors for not to buy counterfeit. Our specialists study all works and their authors in details to understand perspectives of one or another work and earn from price increase.

We support promising NFT authors and provide more of an accelerate to the fire to them. Being NFT-pioneers we help to settle in new market and establish reputation.

Investment program

To develop the project in future, support of young and promising NFT authors, help them with works creation and purchase advanced NFT, we introduced investment program that allows any person to make money from quickly developing and highly profitable NFT market, even if he/she does not have any experience of investments and does not know a lot about NFT.

We developed 4 investment plans suitable for each investor, and any person can select the most suitable and convenient one.

Dividend rate depends on the invested amount: the larger the investment is, the more income there is at the end. This is how any market works.

Relevant investment programs:


By pantlink

Capital Return
Anytime 70%
Min investment: 50 usd
Max investment: 499 usd
Investment time: Life Time
Guaranteed income per day 2.0%


Capital Return
Anytime 75%
Min investment: 500 usd
Max investment: 2499 usd
Investment time: Life Time
Guaranteed income per day 3.0%

By Hcosen

Capital Return
Anytime 80%
Min investment: 2500 usd
Max investment: 9999 usd
Investment time: Life Time
Guaranteed income per day 4.0%

By Kepler

Capital Return
Anytime 85%
Min investment: 10000 usd
Max investment: 49999 usd
Investment time: Life Time
Guaranteed income per day 5.0%

Component of success

Partner program

Partner program is an important component of any success. It is clear for us that development of any business requires advertisement and promotion.

For promotion we specially developed 6 partner programs where everyone can find the most convenient terms and participate in our marketing.

To participate in one of them you should:

Register at our website
Copy your link in personal account
Obtain link
Select partner program
Select marketing

Publish your unique referral link at crypto currency forums, distribute it in social nets, at websites and in weblogs for maximum number of people could know about our project and its investment possibilities.

View all details about our partner program


Just 4 simple steps to start:

Quick registration
Top up
Top up account in any way convenient for you
Top up
Your profit is charged automatically
Profit withdrawal
Means withdrawal is executed instantly

Our own token

Token of project - INF

To broad range of possibilities to increase income of investors we developed our own INF token. It shall allow our investors both to increase their profit in the project and earn from token price rise.

As demand for INF token depends on development, we shall actively develop the project and add new aspects for INF token application that shall have positive consequences for dynamics of its price at stock exchanges.

Planned price
of INF token
Total emission
of INF token
INF token price
at sales start

Usage of token

Our token provides you the best possibilities to earn. Moving forward we shall continue developing our eco system adding new functions and methods of usage of our token to increase its liquidity and price.

Increased income from tariff plans of the Company

Trade at crypto currency stock exchanges

Payment for BOUNTY participants

Giveaway of unique gifts for INF holders INF

Increased income with partner program

Bonus awards for project leaders

Buy legendary NFT just for INF token

Withdrawal fee decrease

Install crypto currency wallet:

Keep crypto currency at secure wallets only, so we recommend to use MetaMask or Binance Chain Wallet.

Recommended browsers:

For correct wallets operation we recommend the following browsers according to your choice.

Possibilities to earn

Except for basic functions, INF can be sold and bought at stock exchanges earning from rate increase.
We shall continue developing eco system adding new functions and methods of INF usage to increase its liquidity and price.

Follow updates and news to be aware of stay up-to-date with the latest events.

Our own NFT

As the Company develops we plan to start launch of our own NFT and sell them at auctions in future.
Such lots are distributed at Christies platform as well - it is one of the most famous auction house.

Looking ahead the established reputation and the team of talented authors shall help us to promote at the market easily.

For your information



Company number (ACN)

141 712 29

Company title

Company address


Registration date

23/5/2022 г.

Short term goals of

Being available soon at
iOS and Android

Synchronize data between desktop and mobile application and manage your means wherever you are.

App Store
Google Play

Audit from Certik

We plan to pass total audit for reliability and security

Audit from Quantstamp

We plan to pass total audit for reliability and security

Listing at Huobi

We plan to place INF at centralized Huobi stock exchange

Listing at Bit-Z

We plan to place INF at centralized Bit-Z stock exchange

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